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ZEBRA LS4208 / LS4278 Handheld scanner

ZEBRA LS4208 / LS4278 Handheld scanner

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Zebra LS4208 Handheld scanner


1D, PDF and composite code scanning

Available in both 1D only (SR) and PDF/Composite (PR) configurations to support a wide range of productivity-enhancing applications

Multi-line rastering scan pattern

Improves productivity by reducing the need to rescan bar codes or key in data, resulting in shorter lines at the retail point of sale

Superior motion tolerance

Enables end users to quickly move from one bar code to the next without hesitation

Wide working range

Reads good quality as well as poor quality codes at similar ranges, reducing the need for the user to move the scanner back and forth

Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Offers dual functionality to improve return on investment and save critical counter space

Durable construction and patented, single circuitboard design able to withstand multiple 6-ft (1.8 m) drops to concrete

Lowers the total cost of ownership by protecting against downtime from accidental drops

Plug-and-play setup, intuitive scanning

Enables rapid deployment and immediate use without formal training, allowing new and experienced employees to immediately help improve operational efficiency

Remote management-ready

Reduces total cost of ownership by enabling remote, networkbased device management

Optional hands-free Intellistand

Enables presentation scanning and automatic switching between handsfree and handheld modes

GS1 DataBar bar code support

Supports the latest symbologies to future-proof your investment

Zebra LS4208 Handheld Scanner data Sheet

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