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ZEBRA TC26 5 Inch Wi-Fi / Cellular Touch Computer

ZEBRA TC26 5 Inch Wi-Fi / Cellular Touch Computer

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TC21/TC26 Touch Computer

The ultimate cost-effective touch computer built for small and big business

If you're considering purchasing low-cost mobile phones for your workers, step up to the TC21/TC26 Touch Computers -- without stepping up in price. Help your workers access the data they need to act more eficiently. With multiple configurations at differentprice points, you pay only for the features your workers need, including connectivity - the Wi-Fi-only TC21 for workers inside the fouiwalls or the Wi-Fi/cellular TC26 for workers out in the field. Powerful complimentary Mobility DNA tools are pre-loaded and ready touse, making it easier to stace,  secure and troubleshoot devices: capture and send data to vour applications right out of the box: and more. Plus, the Mobility DNA Enterprise license delivers premium voice capabilities over WiFi and unlocks a powerful data toolkit thattakes workforce productivity and device management simplicity to a new level.

Markets and Applications

Inside the four walls

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Light warehouse

  • Manufacturing

Outside the four walls

  • Field service

  • Direct Store Delivery(DSD)

  • Postal

  • Courier

  • Route accounting

Zebra TC21_TC26 Touch Computer  data sheet

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