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RJS Inspector D4000 Auto-Optic

RJS Inspector D4000 Auto-Optic

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Inspector D4000A Bar Code Verifier

Flexible & Cost Effective

The Inspector D4000 is the industry's most flexible and cost-effective ISO /ANSI bar code verifier.

This unit comes with your choice of a patented Auto-Optic scan head with four aperture sizes and two light wavelengths (eight different optical configurations) or an optional traditional laser scanner, for point-and-shoot simplicity.

Printed reports can also be generated using the optional direct thermal printing unit.


  • Dual Mode Portability: ISO / ANSI Mode Operation, or Traditional Operation (optionallaser scanner required)
  • Multiple Apertures and Light Wave lengths for Eight (8) Different Optical Configurations
  • Traceable to the National lnstitute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Follows the ISO15416 and ANSI X3.182 Bar Code lnspection Methods (auto-optic scan head only)
  • Conforms to SO15426-1 Bar Code Verifier Specification (auto-optic scan head only)
  • Auto-discriminates Between All Popular Symbologies
  • Bi-directional Scanning AND Multiple Scan Averaging
  • Option for Traditional Analysis and Reporting

This flexible and cost-effective unit is also easy to use, and supports all popular linear symbologies. The RJS D4000 offers store and print capability, multiple scan averaging, and sub-symbology choices - all easily accessible through a simple four-button user interface.

Bar code analys is information appears immediately on the 32-character alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD), and a distinct audible tone and a series of five colored LEDs indicate whether a bar code is in or out of specification. In addition to the SO/ANSl method parameters, Traditional Analysis parameters are provided on the LCD, without a special mode setting.


Inspector D4000 Auto-Optic Data Sheet
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