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Honeywell N8680 Series 2D Scan Engines

Honeywell N8680 Series 2D Scan Engines

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N8680 Series N8680WA/ N8680DR

High Megapixel - Miniature Area-Imaging Engines


  • Superior High Density Scan: Industry trends toward minimized label size helps in reducing material costs, freeing up valuable packaging surface area making scanning challenging. With a high resolution (2592×1944) five megapixels sensor, the WA version can achieve finer details with min. resolution of 2.5 mil (1D) and 5 mil (2D) barcodes.
  • Better Durability with Lower Cost of Ownership: Best-in-class shock rating of 2500g, this imager has a lower failure rate which means less maintenance spent across the end user’s product life.
  • Special IP6x Protection on Key Device: Sealed imaging technology ensures good imaging quality in dusty application environments.
  • Supports TotalFreedom®: An open-system architecture for developing software plug-ins to implement valueadded custom features
  • Superior Scan Performance: Offers best HD resolution without sacrificing depth of field performance on industry standard labels (e.g. EAN-13/100% UPC); Best-in-class, down to 20% Min. print contrast, ensure this imager is capable in tolerating poor quality barcode printing.
  • Adaptus 6.0 Imaging Technology: Provides fast and accurate reading of bar codes and OCR fonts with best- in-class range and extraordinary motion tolerance, even on hard-to-read codes as well as those displayed on mobile phone screens.
  • Faster to Market: Fully system integrated optics and decoding system, with low profile packaging make it easier to design in, shortening end product design in time cycle.

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