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Honeywell N6803 Series N6803MR / N6803FR 2D Scan Engines

Honeywell N6803 Series N6803MR / N6803FR 2D Scan Engines

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Compact, Undecoded 2D Scan Engines

Honeywell’s ultra slim scan engine innovation continues with the latest FlexRange™ N6803 Series 2D scan engines.

 Features And Benefit

  • Ultra slim form factor; the smallest and lightest long-range scanner series to standardize on a single device to meet the needs of multiple workflows with near, mid and far read ranges.

  • Smart Adaptus™ 8.0 technology extends the single lens read range of standard range optics and dual lens design for simultaneous close and far image capture. Reads barcodes from 6 cm to 6 m [2.3 in to 20 ft] for the N6803MR and up to 10 m [30 ft] for the N6803FR.

  • Extreme light weight of 3 g [0.11 oz] is best suited for wearables; designed for the most rugged environments with shock up to 3500 G.

  • Lower power consumption compared to long-range engines within its class translates to longer battery life in a single charge.

  • Flexible decoding options with SwiftDecoder HD host decoder software or Gen8 DB decoder board to suit every integration need.

 Honeywell N6803 Series 2D Scan Engines Datasheet

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