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Honeywell N5X00 Series 2D Scan Engines

Honeywell N5X00 Series 2D Scan Engines

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5X00 Series 

Miniature Image Scan Engines

5000 LED Aimer/5100 High-Visibility LED Aimer/5300 Laser Aimer


  • AdaptusTM Imaging Technology delivers superior value through versatility and performance and embodies Honeywell’s

  • continuous commitment to leading technology, superior solutions and helping business customers solve their

  • data capture problems.

  • The small, lightweight and compact package minimizes integration hassles into legacy and next-generation

  • devices.

  • Available in high-visibility LED and laser aimer versions, these omnidirectional area imagers make reading

  • linear and full-matrix codes quick and easy with industry-leading motion tolerance, low light sensitivity and

  • broad depth-of-field reading distances.

  • Because they incorporate industrialgrade image sensor technology and are designed with no moving parts, these

  • imagers can withstand rugged applications and sub-zero freezing temperatures.

  • Based on a history of applying image-based technology to reading barcodes, these engines bring a legacy

  • of industry-leading image processing performance. In addition to reading barcodes well, these products

  • also capture crisp digital images for use in your data collection system.

Honeywell N5X00 Series 2D Scan Engines Datasheet

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