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Honeywell N4300 Series 1D Scan Engines

Honeywell N4300 Series 1D Scan Engines

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N4300 SERIES  Miniature 1D Scan Engines

From a leading provider of OEM scanning solutions, Honeywell’s N4300 Series miniature laser engines offer high levels of performance and reliability for OEM customers and end users.

Features And Benefits

  • Compact and lightweight, this device delivers a standard form factor and communication for easy integration, even in tight spaces.

  • Metal chassis provides durability with a grounded metal case, single board design, non-ZIF connector and shock protection up to 2,000 G.

  • Advanced decoding technology offers lowest misread rate compared to competing laser engines; configurable decoding security levels eliminate costly reading errors on hard-to-read, poor quality barcodes.

  • "Smart Pick List" mode allows the device to be programed to read only bar codes found at the center, or any other location, on the scan line, improving targeting accuracy.

  • Built-in discrete object detection makes history as the first available miniature engine to facilitate handsfree operation, eliminating the cost of adding external object detection on the host.

Honeywell I-Class Mark II 203300600 dpi Industrial Printer data sheet
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