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CINO FuzzyScan FA480-SR / FA480-HD 2D Fixed Mount Scanner

CINO FuzzyScan FA480-SR / FA480-HD 2D Fixed Mount Scanner

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Compact 2D fixed mount scanner for general purpose applications

Powered by Cino’s exclusive imaging technology, FuzzyScan FA480 is built to deliver unparalleled scanning performance within a small form factor. This fixed mount scanner not only captures most barcodes in a flash, it can also read a great number of challenging and problematic barcodes, such as distorted or damaged barcode labels, electronic coupons on screens with poor lighting. 

  • Compact and durable design with IP54 sealing

  • Reads challenging and problematic barcodes

  • Choice of front-view or side-view scanning direction

  • Intelli Button™ helps with scanner positioning

  • Smart Scenes™ for quick adaption to diverse applications

  • Multilingual output support

  • Single scan setup with iCode

  • Advanced data processing with DataWizard Premium

  • Security Plus offers free security to host applications

Cino FM480 Data sheet

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