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CINO FuzzyScan A780-HD / A780-SR 2D Handheld Imager

CINO FuzzyScan A780-HD / A780-SR 2D Handheld Imager

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Superior 2D barcode scanner designed for enterprise applications

The powerful A780 rises above conventional imagers by blending performance with versatility and robustness. Powered by the FuzzyScan imaging platform, it delivers superior readings on a vast array of linear and 2D barcodes, whether displayed on paper, plastic or electronically. The A780’s durable housing can withstand 2.0-meter falls onto concrete, offering exceptional drop resistance. This imager is made for the tough demands of enterprise use.

  • Reads various challenging and problematic barcodes

  • Superior first-time read

  • Rapid omni-directional scanning

  • Reads electronic barcodes from smartphone screens

  • Withstands drops from 2.0m to concrete

  • Standard-Range, HighDensity and Extended-Range models

  • Antimicrobial model available for healthcare applications

  • Clear audio and visual feedback

  • Optional vibrator for tactile confirmations

  • Configuration can be done through iCode

  • Advanced data formatting with DataWizard Premium

  • System security development using DataWizard Premium


  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing

  • Distribution Center

  • Retail

Cino A780 Datasheet

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