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Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1960g Corded Handheld Scanner

Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1960g Corded Handheld Scanner

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Xenon Ultra 1960g Corded Handheld Scanner

Features And Benefits

  • In addition to a green-dot aimer to visibly enhance targeting and improve scan accuracy, the newly engineered and innovative scan platform empowers snappy scanning operations. 

  • The modern design exhibits an improved aesthetic, and the enhanced user experience and durability businesses depend on.

  • The flexible XR supports most scanning use cases in a single device without compromising range or speed, helping retailers get more done while managing fewer device types.

  • Utilize the cable from your existing deployment of the Xenon XP 1950g on your new deployment of Xenon Ultra 1960.

  • The Honeywell Scanner Management Utility (SMU) creates a holistic solution that helps automate how you deploy and update the scanners in your environment

Honeywell xenon ultra 1960  datasheet
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