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Honeywell EA21 2D Scan Engine

Honeywell EA21 2D Scan Engine

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EA21 Decoded 2D imager

Megapixel, Wide Angle Optics Document Capture and barcode reading

  • High resolution document capture, up to A4 format

  • Space-saving; combined high performance barcode scanning and document capture in one form factor

  • Reduces cost of ownership by reducing development time & eliminating the need for 2 optics

  • Future proofed: Reads any 1D & 2D barcodes omni-directionally and provides image capture and analysis opportunities

  • New: Available with the industry smallest USB 2.0 high performance decoding board, to add decoding speed and further save room

  • Highly visible laser aiming frame – Enhanced comfort in use, from total darkness to bright sunshine environments

  • Plug compatible with Intermec EA11 & EA20X 2D Imagers – Leverages your design efforts & provides interchangeability

  • Highly durable design – Built to withstand harsh environments

Honeywell EA21 2D Scan Engine datasheet

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