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Honeywell C2100 Series 2D Camera Module

Honeywell C2100 Series 2D Camera Module

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C2100 Series  Compact, Undecoded 2D Camera Module

Features And Benefits

  • Extremely small form factor allows an easier fit into most scanning devices. MIPI interface availability helps simplify integration.

  • Reduced cost for entry level barcode scanning applications.

  • Wider operational temperature range increases potential applications. Lower power consumption increases battery life.

  • SwiftDecoder enables your applications for faster, more accurate barcoded decoding capabilities. It goes beyond barcodes by adding capabilities such OCR-A/B for text data parsing, enables parsing of barcode 417 data found on common documents such as driving licenses, boarding passes, and even vehicle certification titles, when available.

  • Supports optional Honeywell functionalities such as OCR and EasyParse for potential use with driving licenses and boarding passes.

Honeywell C2100 Series 2D Camera Module Datasheet

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