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Honeywell HF561 Series 2D Imager Module

Honeywell HF561 Series 2D Imager Module

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HF561 2D Imager Module

The Honeywell HF561 Series 2D Imager Module is designed as a powerful 2D barcode scanner that offers specialized scanning performance for reading screen barcodes to help customers improve efficiency with these igh throughput devices.

Features And Benefits

  • Two rows of LED scanning status indicators change color and continually flash during decoding, indicating successful barcode reading.

  • Easily integrated into various barcode reading devices, providing application flexibility

  • SR and ER optics allow customers to choose either ultra-wide field of view or longer reading distance for different application requirements.

  • Rapid decoding of 1D and 2D barcodes, with particularly powerful reading capability for highly-reflective mobile phone screens, provide application flexibility.

  • Four pre-drilled screw holes on back of housing provide convenient mounting for customers.

Honeywell HF561 2D Imager Module data sheet

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