The Magellan 9800I Digital Imaging Scanner Offers A Fast, Innovative And High Quality Shopping Experience

The Magellan 9800I Digital Imaging Scanner Offers A Fast, Innovative And High Quality Shopping Experience

Today, airports are not just home to boarding gates and planes.  They now offer passengers various services that range from food courts to restaurants to shops of all types.  LSG Food & Nonfood Handel GmbH (a LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG company), manages Ringeltaube airport shops, providing a variety of cosmetic products and textile goods as well as food to airport patrons.  Ringeltaube shops, like other stores, use coupons, loyal cards and mobile couponing to promote their goods.

The Challenge
The adoption of these elements, however, created a compatibility problem with the single plane scanners in use at the checkout, as they could only capture bar codes facing down.  As a result, the bar codes on the items would have to be turned accordingly, as would loyal cards and mobile phones, a very time-consuming procedure.  Dirk Glasmacher, head of administration and controlling of LSG Food & Nonfood Handel GmbH, wanted to reduce queue times for the customer, so he looked into other options. “Nobody likes queuing a long time at checkout.  Modern scanners can help decrease the wait, contributing to customer satisfaction.”  He looked for a solution using a multi-plane scanner, which would enable the capture of bar codes on the bottom and on the sides of the item.

The Solution
LSG found this solution in the Magellan™ 9800i digital imaging scanner.  This scanner is the first to be based on electronic image processing with omnidirectional reading, allowing “all-around” data capture.  The imager system covers all sides of the item passing through the checkout while the audible and visual reading confirmation work together to provide fast scanning without interruptions.  The scanner also includes a Top-Down-Reader that captures codes from above, as well as a customer-facing imager, allowing shoppers to quickly and easily self-scan digital coupons from mobile devices, paper-based coupons and loyalty cards.  “The Magellan 9800i scanner is the Mercedes among fixed retail scanners for us.  Its promptness and precision in registering bar codes is outstanding and represents a quantum leap in quality compared to the previous scanners used,” mentions Glasmacher when summing up the advantages of the scanner. 

The Magellan 9800i scanner has considerably increased effectiveness at the checkout of Ringeltaube shops.  Its advanced imaging technology easily captures 1D and 2D codes quickly and accurately.  Customers can even scan QR codes, commonly used for mobile coupons, without any problem.  With the customer-facing imager, any type of 1D or 2D code can be scanned while customers hold mobile phones in their hands, making payment by mobile phone practical and efficient.  “The Magellan 9800i imaging scanner offers multiple possibilities.  We haven’t explored them all yet, but we have developed a mobile payment application, as we would like to offer our customers this innovative and convenient option in the near future,” indicates Glasmacher. 

The integrated All-Weighs™ scale platter also plays an important role in Ringeltaube shops.  The platter, with ScaleSentry™ Shrink Monitoring/Prevention System technology, provides more precise weighing results than conventional weighing systems, reducing weighing loss up to three percent.  Platter construction makes it even possible to accurately weigh large items.  For extremely heavy or bulky goods, the Gryphon™ GD4400 2D handheld reader is connected directly to the Magellan 9800i imaging scanner via Bluetooth® wireless technology, so the goods can be scanned in the shopping trolley.

The Results
With the Magellan 9800i imaging scanner, Ringeltaube shops offer their customers reliable, fast and easy checkout.  High scan rate, excellent performance and innovative design combine to provide an exceptionally efficient system that helps the staff reduce queue times for customers, leaving them with a positive shopping experience.


Customer: LSG Food & Nonfood Handel GmbH
Industry: Retail/Specialty Retail
Application: POS checkout
Country: Germany
Datalogic Products: Magellan 9800i, Gryphon GD4400

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