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Honeywell N3680 Series 2D Scan Engines

Honeywell N3680 Series 2D Scan Engines

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N3680 Series Compact Decoded 2D Imager


  • Integrated decode minimizes the need for a separate decoder board and extra programming and integration work. The N3680 2D imager can even work without an OS and host CPU.

  • Multiple interface support, either TTL serial or USB, provides easier integration into the most popular devices and applications.

  • Compact size and compatibility with the Honeywell N4315 1D laser engine provide enhanced design flexibility and reuse.

  • Based on Honeywell decoding and imaging technology, users will experience enhanced-performance scanning and imaging capabilities, and support for a wide set of 1D and 2D barcode symbologies.

  • Ability to scan hardto-read codes, as well as those displayed on mobile phone screens.

Honeywell N3680 Series 2D Scan Engines Datasheet

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