XP - P200


Thermal receipt printer


The xp-p200 is an excellent mobile printer. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, support while charging, easy to use, 2000mAh extra large battery capacity, a variety of alarm reminder, full function, print clear advantages. Can be widely used in the police, tobacco, postal logistics, transportation, distribution and other industries。



  • Printing width


  • Printing speed


  • Resolution


  • Interface


  • Printing paper


  • Weight


  • Dimension

   111×88×41mm(D x W x H)


 Product highlights


  High quality printing

  Easy to operate

  Easy paper loading


 ■ GB18030 hard word stock;

 ■ line heat sensitive

 ■ 384 dots/line, 80 mm/s, 203 dpi high speed printing, printing content more clearly

 ■ support Bluetooth, USB and serial port interface

 ■ 0.22 kg, lightweight body more portable

 ■ large 2000 mAh battery capacity, super long standby can be up to 7 days

XP-P200 Portable bluetooth wireless receipt printers Support for android & IOS

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$41.22Sale Price