XP-T58K (without cutter)high quality large gear thermal printer, using open key design, not only has fast printing speed, but also has better mold precision. 120 mm/s printing speed, high quality and high speed printing, support missing paper alarm, single prompt function; Support a variety of one-dimensional barcode printing; Compatible with ESC/POS commands with strong compatibility. XP-T58K has the perfect appearance structure design and the complete function, can satisfy each kind of printing demand.


[ XP-T58K Parrallel port large gear thermal receipt printer ]


  • Printing width


  • Printing speed


  • Column capacity

    384 dots/line

  • Printing paper


  • Interface

    Parrallel / Serial / USB / LAN / Bluetooth+USB / WIFI

  • Weight




Product highlights


■ Fashionable design, Splendid quality

■ High-speed printing, High performance

■ Support Logo download and print

■ Support GB 18030

■ International language

■ 100MB Ethernet interface connection, Avoid order missing

■ support coffers

■ high speed, high quality print

■ drag paper structure design, convenient and paper

■ support Windows and android system

■ bluetooth protocol 2.1 best transmission distance within 10 meters, bluetooth 2.4 GH work frequency, transfer rate 921600 BPS

■ supports a variety of one-dimensional bar code printing

■ support paper out call the police, to a single prompt function (only support front-end ports/USB + bluetooth)

■ Driving  till

XP-T58K Parrallel port large gear thermal receipt printer 58mm ESC / POS printer

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