Xprinter xp-q200 is a cost-effective thermal printer for bills, equipped with an automatic cutter for semi-cutting. Comprehensive functional, whether it is supermarket or transportation or catering, can easily competent; Exquisite light black manufacturing process, smooth lines, the appearance of high-end atmosphere, compact size. Oil and water resistant design, easy to handle in the kitchen or the front desk environment; Drive high-speed download printing mode, support Linux system driver. Network port to add no loss of single function, support network port, serial port monitoring function. Support GB18030 simplified Chinese file, simplified/traditional and many international languages.


[ XP-Q200 USB+Bluetooth thermal kitchen receipt printer ]



  • Printing width


  • Printing speed


  • Column capacity

      576 dots/line 512 dots/line

  • Printing paper


  • Interface

      USB+Serial / LAN / USB+Bluetooth / parallel

  • Weight


  • Line spacing

      3.75mm (Adjustable by commands)



Product features


■ high speed high quality print 200 mm/SEC;

■ paper width of 72 mm, 576 points or 512 points/lines point density;

■ support USB, so, 25 p a serial port, 36 p parallel port, 25 p 25 p + USB serial port, parallel, USB, USB and so rich interface interface to choose, to meet various needs of customers;

■ 1.3 kg, waterproof and oil proof design;

■ high-quality printing head, printing content is more clear, longer life

■ support black label detection

■ support to prompt and error reporting function

■ support 256 k Bytes NV Logo download storage and print Logo trademark

■ support GB18030 simplified Chinese font file, simplified/traditional and various international language

■ driving cash drawer

■ Bluetooth Supports both android & IOS

XP-Q200 USB+Bluetooth thermal kitchen receipt printer Support both android & IOS

$110.00 Regular Price
$71.50Sale Price