Xprinter XP-DT425B thermal electronic bill barcode printer, printing speed up to 127mm/SEC. Large capacity paper, can put up to 108mm outside diameter of the super label. Equipped with 32-bit RISC CPU high-speed CPU, user-friendly design, simple and easy to operate. Rich interface portfolio for users to choose from. Free Windows label editing software, interface is simple, easy to edit content. Easy printing of all express electronic noodles, perfect compatibility with various ERP software. It can be widely used in supermarket retail, logistics, warehousing, health care, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, cinemas, clothing and other fields of bar code label printing.



  • Printing speed


  • Printing width

      Max. 108mm

  • Resolution


  • Memory

      8 MB SDRAM, 8 MB Flash

      Surpport scalable to 4 GB of memory

  • Interface


  • Weight


  • Media width


  • Media Inraduius

      Max . 76.2mm

  • Media exraduius

      Min. 25.4mm


Product features


■ large memory: 8 MB SDRAM, 8 MB Flash, surpport scalable to 4 GB of memory;

■ high-speed thermal print 200 dpi, width of 108 mm, the speed of up to 127 mm/s;

■ standard USB2.0 and TF Card, optional rich interface such as serial port, WIFI, bluetooth module;

■ high quality double clamshell design, the print head open the sensor;

■ media is loaded

■ standard industrial simulated out of the box

■ Windows tag editing software, the interface is simple and easily edit content

■ including Eltron ® and Zebra ®

■ high-capacity paper, can be put outside diameter 108 mm large label

XP-DT425B USB port Large width thermal electronic bill barcode printer

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