Xprinter XP-D300H is a excellent thermal printer, specially designed for vertical printing, wall-mounted and customized design. It is not only suitable for ordinary POS printing, but also for kitchen printing. Built-in buzzer +LED sound-light alarm lamp post, improve single response, large speaker amplification, easy to deal with in the kitchen and other noisy environment,Take out the paper from the front, more waterproof and oil-proof, more suitable for kitchen printing. The combination structure of printing head and cutting knife is more convenient for machine maintenance. Support 58MM and 80MM paper roll printing, equipped with automatic cutter, full cut or Partial cut can be chosen.



  • Printing width


  • Printing speed


  • Column capacity

      576 dots/line 512 dots/line

  • Printing paper


  • Interface


  • Weight


  • Line spacing

       3.75mm (Adjustable by commands)



Product highlights


Easy paper loading, waterproof, oil proof, dustproof design

Printing images and characters with high speed, the best printing quality and reliable performance

Support GB18030 simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, buyer optional languages

  Support printer states minitor function, control printers states at any time.

Full/Partial option, no paper jamming problem, multiple choice for customer

Support print prompt and error alarm

Driving high speed download printing mode, support linux system

Support black mark detection and reprint function.

Compatible with Epson ESC/POS Commands.

Support 256K bytes NV logo download store and print




XP-D300H USB+Serial+LAN wireless thermal kitchen receipt printer POS printer

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$104.22Sale Price