Xprinter XP-D230H is a sound-light alarm receipt printer with built-in buzzer +LED sound-light alarm lamp post to improve single response. Loudspeaker amplification, in the kitchen and other noisy environment easily deal with; More advanced program to prevent loss of orders, so that the order accurately printed. Exquisite glossy black manufacturing technology, touch delicate warm, high-end appearance, beautiful lines. Adopt imported core module, strong and durable anti-static, the top cover adopts stable hardware support, make the cutter run more stably. XP-D230H is the ideal choice for your kitchen bill printer.


[ XP-D230H USB port sound-light alarm kitchen receipt printer ]


  • Printing width


  • Printing speed


  • Column capacity

      576 dots/line 512 dots/line

  • Printing paper


  • Interface

      USB / LAN

  • Weight


  • Line spacing

      3.75mm (Adjustable by commands)



Product features


■ high speed high quality print 230 mm/SEC;

■ support USB + bluetooth, USB, so a variety of interface

■ 1.16 kg, waterproof and oil, before the paper design, print is more suitable for the kitchen

■ the print head and the cutter assembly type structure, more convenient maintenance machine

■ after tests showed that have very low failure rate and stable printing performance

■ super light reminds, the documents did not take reminders, farewell single leakage

■ Driving cash drawer

XP-D230H USB port sound-light alarm kitchen receipt printer POS printers

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