XP-76IIN high quality  Impact Dot matrix receipt Printer  (without cutter), XP-76IIN, is a fully functional impact matrix printer, using advanced print head, support GB18030 large word inventory. Compatible with ESC/POS command, with strong compatibility, xp-t58k has perfect appearance structure design and complete function, can meet various printing requirements. Super-stable performance, high-speed printing, excellent quality, beyond your imagination.


[ XP-76IIN Serial port Impact Dot matrix receipt Printer  ]


  • Printing width


  • Printing speed

4.5 line/s

  • Column capacity

400 dots/line

  • Printing paper


  • Interface

Parrallel / USB / Serial

  • Weight




Product highlights


■ Freshness outstanding design, easy to operate

■ High-speed printing, High performance

■ GB18030 simplified Chinese, support traditional Chinese and various international languages

■ Black mark orientation, support invoice printing function

■ Various interfaces, multiply choices

■ Support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux systems

■ Driving till

XP-76IIN Serial port Impact Dot matrix receipt Printer ESC / POS printer

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