Xprinter XP-58IIL is a Cost-effective thermal printer that supports printing of various one-dimensional barcodes and QR codes. Compact size, easy to operate. It is compatible with ESC/POS commands and has strong compatibility. The network port supports IP modification across network segments, and supports the function of no loss. Multiple modules are available to meet customers' multiple needs. It can be widely used in supermarket retail, cosmetics, specialty stores and medical fields.


Dual-mode multi-software, linking an iphone and an android phone at the same time, the iphone is connected to 1 platforms, and the android phone is connected to 6 platforms at the same time


[ XP-58IIL Bluetooth + USB thermal receipt printer ]


  • Printing width


  • Printing speed


  • Column capacity

   384 dots/line

  • Printing paper


  • Interface

   parallel port / USB / USB + Bluetooth

  • Weight


  • Dimension

   185×132×58mm (D x W x H)



product features


■ 90 mm/SEC low noise, high speed printing;

■ standard of simplified GB18030 glyph, support a variety of international language font file;

■ parallel port / USB / USB + Bluetooth three optional interface category;

■ powerful graphics, characters, custom custom print command can achieve clear, beautiful and print

■ 384 points/line density, print speed 90 mm/SEC

■ support coffers

■ supports multiple one-dimensional bar codes and QR two-dimensional bar code printing

■ buzzer alarm prompt support, support to single prompt functions

■ support concentration regulation, support online upgrade of IPA

■ support NVLOGO download image print (image format for BMP)

■ drag paper structure design, convenient and paper

■ Driving  till

XP-58IIL Bluetooth + USB thermal receipt printer 58mm POS support android & IOS

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