Xprinter XP-58III is a classic thermal printer with linear structure and stylish appearance. Popular choice, large market demand. Durable, high - strength operation. More modules are available to meet the needs of customers. Support to single reminder function, Ethernet interface connection, print more quickly, avoid the occurrence of lost orders, say goodbye to single lost orders. Suitable for a variety of POS peripheral devices, it is the perfect partner of mobile terminal payment in retail, cosmetics, specialty stores, medical and other industries.


[ XP-58III USB thermal receipt printer ]


  • Printing width


  • Printing speed


  • Column capacity

    384 dots/line

  • Printing paper


  • Interface

    USB / Parallel

  • Weight


  • Dimension

  235×145×125mm (D x W x H)



Product features


■ 100 MB Ethernet interface connection, print more quickly, avoid losing a single case;

■ standard GB2312 han glyph, support a variety of international language font file;

■ parallel / USB interface category;

■ support download Logo Logo print

■ 384 points/line density, print speed 90 mm/SEC

■ high speed, high quality print

■ flow linear structure design, the outward appearance is exquisite fashion

■ durable, high strength work

■ for many POS peripheral equipment collocation

■ drag paper structure design, convenient and paper

■ Driving till

XP-58III USB thermal receipt printer 58mm ESC / POS printer

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