The REA PC-Scan/LD4 is an inspection device which complies with the international equipment norms for barcode inspection devices.


The REA PC-Scan/LD4 has the following unique characteristics:


  • Automatic calibration of the contrast before every reading for the highest possible measuring accuracy
  • integrated metric standard for precise width and length measurements
  • constant lighting angle of 45° over the entire scan width of 155 mm or 240 mm
  • laser illumination with a wave length of 670 nm
  • constant sensor angle of 90° over the entire scan width
  • constant measurement distance over the entire scan width contact-free measurement
  • aperture 10 to 20 mil in combination with up to 240 mm measure width (exemplary configuration)

The REA PC-Scan/LD4 is the only barcode inspection device worldwide that has these unique characteristics and is therefore a guarantor for the highest measurement accuracy and reproducibility, while at the same time being simple to use.

REA PC-Scan/LD4, 155mm, red light 670nm, w/o measuring head