Product advantages

● Rapid measurement:
Adopt German high precision professional human body temperature probe. The measuring error is +- 0.2 ℃ and the measuring speed is less than 2 seconds.For places with large crowds in major shopping malls, supermarkets or offices, only rapid and accurate measurement can prevent the queue from getting too long, reduce the crowd gathering caused by temperature measurement, reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, improve the efficiency of security personnel, and save the precious time of guests.


● Meet international standards

CE certification, qualified quality products, use more assured

● Non-contact temperature measurement, safer
Non-contact forehead temperature measurement, measuring distance 1cm-3cm, no contact with human contact, to prevent cross-infection.

● Random conversion of units of measurement
Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit are easily converted from each other to meet the measurement habits of different countries and people

● Multi-function temperature measurement
The infrared thermometer has two modes: body temperature and physical temperature
In addition to taking the body temperature, you can also adjust the physical temperature mode to measure the temperature of the baby's milk and bath water
The temperature mode ranges from 34℃ to 43℃ (93.2℉ to 109.4℉).
The physical temperature mode ranges from 0 ° c to 100 ° c (32.0 ° F to 212.0 ° F).

● Easy to use:
One-key measurement, one-key conversion mode, one-key memory, easy to operate.Anyone can use it quickly.

● Sound and light warning:
Green, yellow, red three colors of backlight light indicates whether the body temperature is normal, low fever, high fever.
It also has a beep beep beep sound reminder.Intuitive and accurate warnings enable users to understand the test results faster and better.
Green: 34℃~37.4℃ (93.2℉~99.32℉)
Yellow: 37.5℃~37.9℃ (99.5℉~100.22℉)
Red: 38℃~43℃ (100.4℉~109.4℉)

● Multi-group memory:
It can store 50 sets of measurement data for analysis and comparison.


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Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer with Fever Alert LCD Display with CE

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