GTL-100 is an automated collection tube labeling system that dispensetube labeled with barcoded 1D/2D as well as texts for patient name andvarious information vital for tests and clinical managements.GTL-100 is designed to perform at medical examination center, nursingstation,bedside and blood collection center, reduce human errors andshorten turn around time.


Clinical Laboratory
ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
ER (Emergency Room)
Nursing Station
Blood collection station

Why Choose GTL-100 ?
* Our customers would love to have
* High efficiency : 3 sec per a tube
* Correct & accurate position labeling to reduce human errors
* Various sizes of tube supported (Diameter 13-16 mm,Length 75-100 mm)
* Tube labeling position adjustable
* Small footprint to save space
* Customizable barcoded labels to include 2D barcodes
* Innovative “C” button makes label Calibration simple and fast


Godex GTL-100 Tube Label Printer

$3,000.00 Regular Price
$2,750.00Sale Price