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The unknown 'secret' between barcode technology and medical treatment

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

When it comes to barcode, many people may think of the management of commodities, but with the rapid development of science and technology today, barcode technology can do more things for us. Of course, one of those areas is the one that matters to all of us -- health care. Today, let's talk about the application of barcode technology and medical 'secret'.

The application of bar code technology brings safe and efficient Wise Information Technology of 120 (WIT OF 120)

Admission registration system

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When the patient was in the hospital, the staff with the tag bar code printer medical wristbands for patients to effectively identify, simplify the admission process, the nurse of the patients by medical scanners or PDA identification and assign a hospital bed, and the daily data collection and upload to patients, which helps to reduce the workload, improve accuracy and real-time performance.

Inpatient care system

The attending doctor uses the scanner to scan the unique barcode on the hand of each patient, so that he/she can know the patient's personal information and medication situation. With the imaging scanning engine, he/she can even take pictures of the patient's symptoms, so as to realize the traceability of the patient's symptoms

Dispensing center

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The dispensing center can know the shelf of the dispensing medicine by scanning the barcode of prescription list. After obtaining the medicine, they scan the label of the medicine to verify it, print the label of the prescribed dosage and attach it to the medicine. Finally, the medicine can be dispensed, avoiding the medication risk caused by the dispensing mistake.

The nurse station

The nurse station prints a two-way label on the medicine brought by the patient, and combines the identification barcode to the patient, while the drug label and medicine are sent to the dispensing room by the nurse. In the daily care of the inpatient infusion or medication link through the patient and medication two-way scan can greatly reduce the manual check caused by major errors.

Laboratory and medical laboratory systems

After loading the samples to be tested, the label printer is used to label the patients' samples to be tested. After the test, the bar code of the sample is scanned to input the test results, so that the hospital can reduce the mismeasurement caused by the wrong sample.

Pharmacy inventory management office

The pharmacy inventory management office scans and registers the in-out and in-out storage of drugs, making the quantity of drugs transparent, which is conducive to the accurate classification and shelf listing of drugs, and at the same time, it can grasp the quantity of drugs in real time and add the inventory in time.

Disinfection supply traceability process

Hospital staff collect surgical instruments and package them, paste bar codes on the packaging boxes and input them into the system, send them to the disinfection room for disinfection, and then scan the bar codes to complete a series of work and realize the traceability of disinfection supply

The use of medical-specific label barcode printer and scanner can not only realize the electronic archiving of the whole process and the tracing of the whole process, but also effectively reduce the cross-infection of HAI or HCAI in hospital. Because they tend to be more bactericidal and resistant to disinfectant chemicals, they are more durable than ordinary printers and scanners, effectively reducing hospital costs.

Now, let's experience the safer and more efficient medical information management brought by the brand new bar code technology!

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