General Verification

Question:What is verification?

Answer:A standardized method for determined the quality of a bar code

Question:Why should I verify my bar codes?

Answer:In order to prevent product rejection and possible fines you need to inspect your bar codes to ensure compliance with the ISO standards

Question:What is the difference between the “Scan Grade” and the “Overall Symbol Grade?”

Answer:The Scan Grade is the result of a single inspection scan of the bar code symbol. The Overall Symbol Grade is an average of each individual Scan Grade. ISO/ANSI require a 10 scan average throughout the height of the symbol

Question:Do the bar codes have to have black bars?

Answer:No, you can use different colors. The key is to ensure that the contrast between the bars and the spaces is sufficient

Question:Do I need to inspect every bar code I print?

Answer:This depends on your agreements with your customers. In most cases a statistical sampling is sufficient. The frequency of the sample depends on many variables such as; print method, typical overall scan grade, potential variation in the printing system, size of the bar code, etc.