Datalogic CODISCAN Wearable Scanner

Codiscan: The Ultimate Wearable Bluetooth Scanner For The Transportation & Logistics, Retail, And Manufacturing Industries

Bologna, February 20th – 2024. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, is thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new CODiScan Series, a breakthrough Bluetooth wearable scanner series designed to redefine productivity across Transportation & Logistics, Retail, and Manufacturing sectors. Weighing just 44g it is wearable on a variety of bodily locations. As well as having a versatile design incorporating Datalogic’s famous Green Spot technology, the CODiScan is versatile, modular, and reliable, giving rise to a lower total cost of ownership as well as an incredible return on investment.

In a rapidly evolving commerce environment, where success hinges on speed, accuracy, and adaptability, enterprises face a multitude of challenges. To address these, wearable scanners have emerged as indispensable tools, revolutionizing tasks in Warehousing, Retail, and Manufacturing. CODiScan enables enhanced operations across all of these and is meticulously crafted for diverse applications.

  • Transportation and Logistics: Ideal for Distribution Centers, Warehouses, e-Commerce, and Intralogistics, optimizing Packing, Picking, Inbound/Outbound processes, Put Away, Sorting, and Order Fulfillment.
  • Retail In-Store: Streamlining Inventory, Assisted Sales, Shelf Replenishment, Stock Management, and Back Office Inventory Management, ensuring seamless retail operations.
  • Manufacturing: Excelling in Work in Progress (WIP), Traceability, and Quality Control, CODiScan proves to be an invaluable asset in manufacturing processes.

CODiScan introduces the Smart Scanning System, featuring a smart aiming mechanism of up to 1.5m; audible, visual, and Datalogic’s Green Spot provide immediate good-read feedback; and 3 high-visibility LED blades for prompt feedback from any angle up to 180 degrees. A 2-shift battery life, performing up to 12,000 scans on a single charge, practically eliminates downtime, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. With multiple and expandable charging options and a full charging cycle of only 2 hours, devices are rarely out of action.

A multifunctional key at the heart of CODiScan provides unmatched flexibility. The trigger function allows users to adapt the device for low-intensity operations and facilitates quick disconnection and reconnection to the Host. The fully adjustable and versatile hand-trigger reduces the need for multiple models, simplifying asset management and accelerating ROI. Separation of the trigger system from the fabric allows for easy glove washing, extending the accessory's lifespan, and benefiting the environment.

CODiScan addresses the integration challenges of modern wearable scanners with mobile backend terminals, computers, and tablets. Datalogic’s Aladdin App simplifies pairing with Android™ devices, offering a seamless configuration experience. Aladdin is also the means with which to configure CODiScan quickly. Meanwhile, Gateway Connect manages the pairing of up to 7 devices with fixed computers, providing stable connectivity.

Meet the new generation of wearable scanners – CODiScan by Datalogic. Unleash extreme flexibility, unmatched user experience, and unbeatable ROI for your workforce. Elevate your operations to unprecedented efficiency with CODiScan, the wearable scanner with a lightweight size but heavyweight performance. 

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